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Catherine Francis Writings

Where the LOVE of God resides!

About Me…


Hello and welcome to my site!  A little bit about me.  I’m a second-time published author who has written a few titles, but never had the courage to publish until now. 

I reside in the great state of OHIO, and I LOVE it here!  The green of the valleys and the blues of the lakes and rivers keeps my heart young.  Ohio has a nice mixture of nature and humanity with close-knit communities mixed with large metropolitan cities.  Mind you, I prefer the country aspect of the state.

I also live my life with my strong Catholic Faith – no cafeteria here! – on a day to day basis, embracing the fullness of the faith as given to the Church by our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.  Neither a traditionalist nor a progressive, I’d say my faith is definitely in the middle – the term is Moderate, I believe.  This is laced throughout my writings.  God gave me this gift, so I might as well use it for His Glory!  My writings are entertaining as well as catechetical.  Thus I’m able to live out our Lord’s command to “teach and spread the faith” (cf. Mt 28:20).

I hope you have visited my Amazon author’s page, and maybe even purchased the book in Kindle.  If you don’t have a kindle, Amazon does provide FREE kindle apps that can be added to your computer as well as your phone.

Thanks for visiting!  Please do come again, especially as links will be appearing on this site shortly hosting a number of creative initiatives.