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Christian America: Shattered Dreams in a Veiled Society – published 2014

The Christian Church in America has long experienced freedom of her Religion as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Today, more than ever, that freedom is now in question. The body-politic has said, ‘no more’, and implemented programs and policies to resound their cry. How do we know? Through extensive research and documented findings all in this small publication.

Wow! This is a must read for every Christian! ~Carol D.

It’s an easy read. I learned a lot. ~Mary S.

The extended article you are about to read is one of the finest political reportage in our time. ~Fr. David Zink

Click HERE for a review of the book by one of my editors, Carol D.

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 Love’s Enduring Gift – published 2012

CoverPicNoShwBThe story is about two young people, Lynn and Scott, and how their separate lives came together one sunny morning.  Scott stood and stretched, tired from work… From his window he saw her walking and decided to investigate the lovely sight that caught his eye.  Oblivious to the attention, Lynn continued her walk until a stranger in her path interrupted her reading.  It’s with this simple beginning that God took and fashioned these two into a relationship that would grow over time and blossom into something beyond their wildest dreams.

This book is my first published, and thus my ‘pride & joy’, but I have others on the burners that I hope will soon receive my attention.  But as I’ve already said, life is “messy” with mishaps and adventures thrown in to keep it interesting.  My life is no different from any others.  But with God’s help, NOTHING is impossible!

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